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B. 1993

2019    Master of Visual Studies, University of Toronto
2017    Deep Listening Certificate, Center for Deep Listening at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
2016    Post-Graduate Certificate in Visual Studies, OCAD University (Florence, Italy)
2015    BFA, Drawing & Painting, OCAD University (Toronto, Canada)
2005    Classical Piano Studies Certificate, The New Conservatory of Music (Toronto, Canada)

2018    The Expanding Universe: A Performance, David Dunlap Observatory. Richmond Hill, CA. (May)
2018    Musical Score for film by Christine Gates, Centro per l'arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci. Prato, IT.  (June)

Solo Exhibitions
2017    Mapping Time: Harmonic Studies for Vera Rubin, Xpace Cultural Centre. Toronto, CA
2016    Syzygy: An Absurdist Opera, 26. Toronto, CA

2017    Visual work for LP record & book, Meeting of Waters by Josiah Steinbrick. Los Angeles, US

Selected Group Exhibitions
2017    Group Show: The Spirit of Difficulty: Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts. Toronto, CA
2017    Gowlings Art Auction, Toronto, CA
2017    AHGSA York University Art Fundraiser, The Gallery: Artscape Wychwood Barns. Toronto, CA
2016    Florence Program Exhibition, Great Hall OCAD University. Toronto, CA
2016    Place-Making, Giardino dell'Orticoltura. Florence, IT
2016    A Dialogue with the Street, ON Gallery. Florence, IT
2016    Disparate Connections, Mayday Club. Florence, IT
2016    Cross Section, OCAD University. Florence, IT
2015    Open Studio, OCAD University. Florence, IT
2015    Timeraiser, The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery. Toronto, CA
2015    OCAD University’s Graduate Exhibition (OCAD U). Toronto, CA
2015    A Home for...[Celestial Rhythms], Apartment Group Show. Toronto, CA
2014    Two-Week Marriage, Transit Space (OCAD U). Toronto, CA
2014    Figurative Exhibition, ARC (Artist Resource Centre). Toronto, CA
2014    Salon Show, Project Gallery. Toronto, CA
2014    Forum, Xpace Cultural Centre, Curated by Jennie Suddick. Toronto, CA
2014    Aperture, Project Gallery. Toronto, CA
2013    Imminent Art Group Show & Auction, Burroughs Building, curated by Catherine Wilson. Toronto, CA
2013    Retrospective Show, OCAD University, Grand Hall. Toronto, CA
2013    Swap, Xpace Cultural Centre, curated by Jennie Suddick. Toronto, CA
2013    The Art of Figure Show, OCAD University, curated by Bogdan Luca. Toronto, CA
2012    The Richmond Hill Performing Arts Centre (Public Display). Richmond Hill, CA
2012    Transformation, Xpace Cultural Centre, curated by Cameron Lee. Toronto, CA
2012    Annual Art Show, University of Toronto. Toronto, CA
2011     Creative Heart Collective, Gladstone Hotel, curated by Vanessa Seneriches. Toronto, CA
2011     Faces of OCAD, OCAD U Student Gallery. Toronto, CA

2018    Wave Farm Radio | Saturday Night Special (Dan Tapper's exhibition Turbulent Forms in collaboration with Allison
              Cameron, Bekah Ann Simms and Mehrnaz Rohbakhsh)
2017    Nuit Blanche Music Performance [in collaboration with Kat Estacio and Kristina Guison] Aga Khan Museum
2017    Sound Travels Festival of Sound Art (NAISA): Nova Concert, Canadian Music Centre
              [alongside Allison Cameron and Bekah Ann Simms, as part of Dan Tapper's Turbulent Forms exhibition]
2016   Music from Scratch, in collaboration with Contact Contemporary Music. Canadian Music Centre. Toronto

2017    Exhibition Assistance, Ontario Arts Council
2017    David Buller Memorial Scholarship, University of Toronto
2015    Anne Adler Kagan Award, OCAD University
              Based on research-oriented work for BFA thesis

2017   Exhibition review of Mapping Time: Harmonic Studies for Vera Rubin by Terence Dick for Akimbo

Teaching Experience
2018    Teaching Assistant, OCAD University (Professional Practice, Professor Jennie Suddick)
2018    Teaching Assistant, University of Toronto (Visual Strategies, Professor Kristie MacDonald)
2017    Teaching Assistant, OCAD University (Professional Practice. Professor Kika Thorne)
2017    Teaching Assistant, University of Toronto (Visual Concepts. Professor Lisa Steele)
2017    Teaching Assistant, OCAD University (Professional Practice. Professor Jennie Suddick)
2017     Class Assistant, OCAD University (Thesis Drawing & Painting, Professor James Olley)
2016     Teaching Assistant, OCAD University (Professional Practice. Professor Michelle Forsyth)

Work in the Arts
2017    Artist Assistant, Colette Laliberte
2016    Studio Monitor, OCAD University (Florence Campus)
2015    Art Instructor, Artlicious Studios
2014    Walnut Studios, Toronto.
2012    Artist assistant, Cesan d’Ornellas Levine.
2011     Fashion Illustrator for Toronto Styles/The Grid Blog.

2017   Dabke Projects: Art workshops with Syrian refugees
2017   Tapestry Opera
2016   Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), Art Instructor
2016   Canadian Music Centre (CMC)
2014    SKETCHCreating art workshops for youth living in shelters in Toronto.
2014    FAC, Feminist Art Conference. OCAD University.
2013    Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

2014    Self-directed study with Dr. Spencer J. Harrison, The Politics of Public Spaces in Toronto.

Lectures | Talks
2018   When John Cage Visited Shiraz: A History of Sound Art in Iran. Conference paper at SEM (Niagara Chapter of Society for
              Ethnomusicology. Ryerson University.          
2017    Lecture: "Knowledge Through Translation: Equations, Drawings and Sound". MEDUSA Conference. University of Toronto.
2017    'Knowledge Through Translation', Decelerated Dialogues, Y+ Contemporary, Toronto.
2017    'The Politics of Architectural Spaces in Opera in the Age of Technology'. Festival of Original Theatre (FOOT), Sounding the Inner Ear of
               Performance. University of Toronto.
2017    Guest Artist Lecture for Cross-Disciplinary Art: Life Studies Thesis, OCAD University.
2016    Guest Artist Lecture for Drawing & Painting Thesis Students, OCAD University. 
2014    ‘Music and Quantum Mechanics’. Forum, Grand Hall OCAD University.
2014    ‘A Study of Alternative Public Spaces in Toronto’. Xpace Gallery, Toronto.
2013    ‘Stranger/Biganeh’. Xpace Gallery, Toronto.

2016    Good Measure, KAPSULA (online magazine), Toronto.
2014    Forum, Xpace Cultural Centre, Toronto.
2013    SWAP, Xpace Cultural Centre, Toronto.
2012    Transformation, Xpace Cultural Centre, Toronto.

2018   Board of Directors, Arraymusic
2017   Digital Dramaturgy Lab (DDL), University of Toronto.
2016   Canadian Music Centre residency for young composers.
2012    Annual Richmond Hill Studio Tour & Art Sale. Assisting in the sales of Cesan d’Ornellas Levine.